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Ekahau started in 2000 and has been a pioneer in Wi-Fi tools. They released the first version of ESS in 2002 which revolutionized and definetely professionlized the way we do site surveys and design Wi-Fi networks. Now 15 years later, they have a new game-changing offering with Ekahau Sidekick™ bringing us a lightning-fast way of measuring signals and interference.


Ekahau Spectrum Analysis Survey 2

Discover the newest features in v8.5

  • Spectrum Analyzer Integration
    • Support for 1-2 Ekahau Spectrum Analyzers while surveying
    • Real-Time Frequency Monitor view for on-the-spot troubleshooting
    • Rewritten Survey Inspector for post-survey analysis
    • Spectrum related heatmaps (Utilization and Channel Power)
  • Custom Notes tool for text, pictures and cable drawings
  • Improved CAD import

New in version 9

  • Completely new designed Auto-Planner
    • Different capacity zones
    • Support for dual-5GHz AP
    • Disables unnecessary 2.4GHz radios
    • Prevents AP overpopulation
    • Automatically avoids hallways, elevators and other inoptimal AP locations
  • 100% high capacity ready
    • Airtime utilization visualization
    • Management traffic overhead calculations
    • Number of SSIDs, base rates, band steering etc configurable
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Ekahau Sidekick™

The Ekahau Sidekick™ is a game changing device.

It offers calibrated enterprise class Wi-Fi 802.11ac 3x3:3 chipsets for a faster and more accurate measurement of the signal and noise.

It offers lightening fast spectrum analysis with 20 sweeps per second of 2.4GHz AND 5GHz at the same time! This will revael things you never saw before!

The integrated battery lasts a full day (8h) and so will your laptop or tablet as you can get rid of all the battery draining USB dongles.

Sidekick™ also makes it possible to run Ekahau natively on MacOS.

We at Multicap have been Ekahau user from the very beginning and can also assist you and advise you in your choice. Ekahau Site Survey is the solution for planning, site survey and verification of the network.

If you only occasionally need this software and the purchase rather weighs heavily, you can also rely on our professional services.

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