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Meru networks once began with a vision that enterprises would be able to operate in an all-wireless environment, even for the most business-critical applications. For this to succeed, the wireless network had to be freed from the limitations of the client being in control, mobility drawbacks and lack of capacity when exposed to high device densities. And so they did. They virtualized their Access Points from the clients’ perspective and developed their unique single-channel architecture which gives them many benefits over other Wi-Fi brands. Tis approach did lead to real seamless roaming making Meru the favorite technology for voice applications and high density networks. Gartner rewarded this unique vision by calling it a whole new generation of wireless networks.

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Virtual Cell

Unlike other traditional Wi-Fi networks, where devices see all kinds of access points on different channels, each device will see one virtual AP at Meru. This enables the network to:

  • Provide a seamless coverage without gaps everywhere
  • Expand easily without rescheduling channels
  • Maintain connectivity decisions instead of the devices to do this itself
  • Give users the ability to move freely without interfering hand-offs
  • Be the only one to use 80 MHz channels and the data rates that are associated with it


Meru Virtualcell 2
Meru Channellayering

Channel layering / High density

Since Meru needs only one channel for its operation, the other channels may be used to generate additional capacity. This is in contrast to other vendors, where all channels are already being used in adjacent areas. Each layer adds extra capacity. This makes Meru the brand of choice to handle high densities of users.

  • Increase the capacity of the network by adding layers
  • Give some devices, critical applications, their own layer
  • Balance between the layers for optimal performance

AirTime Fairness

This allows any device that want to send data over the wireless network, to have the same amount of airtime instead of being allowed to send the same amount of data. This ensures that each device can operate at its maximum speed and the newer, high-speed devices maintain their speed.

Meru Airtimefairness


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