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LynX is a wel know market leader in alarming in the healtcare sector, especially retirement homes. This gives them a headstart in the knowledge and know how of alarmservers. Since a few years LynX is using this knowledge in other sectors, like security and production. Their core values are not for nothing: quick, efficent and flexible.  


LynX EcoSystem

Thanks to the LynX EcoSystem collaboraters are always virtually connected with the company through their cellphone or Wi-Fi-network. They can receive a colored alarm signal, be able to follow statuses of coworkers, the possibilities are endless.   

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LynX replaces your classical phone and offers you:

  • Software on your pc with all telephone features and alarm overview
  • Smart devices, when people  are mobile
  • Telephone appliances for frequent callers and the lobby
  • An overview on smart TV’s or big displays like in receptions, nurses station, dispatch, meeting rooms
  • Security footage (security, videophone, ...) and video communication on your smart device
  • Sensors that will manage the alarm situation
  • Connection with the existing systems: nurses call, fire detection, burglar alert, automation...
  • ...

The addes value of you LynX:

  • You will work intelligent thanks to the smart devices and smartphones: same function but more experience 
  • You will have limitless access through your trusted device
  • You will save money on cabling (DECT, LAN ...). Wireless all the way!
  • You will win time thanks to visual occupied indication of colleges (agenda, status ...).
  • You will be alert for critical situations, alarms will automatically and instantly be signaled.
  • You will be visual connected through camera surveillance, videophone...

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