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Since 2005 Mojo Networks (formerly known as AirTight Networks) has been recognized worldwide as the leader in security on wireless networks with their Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) and they were the first that proved that the terms Cloud and Security could be combined. With their vast knowledge of Wireless LAN it was only a small step to create their own Cloud Wi-Fi for distributed environments. They focus on two concepts: their long proved Security and Social Wi-Fi Analytics. With Social Wi-Fi, guests and customers can connect to the guest Wi-Fi with their social media accounts. In return retailers get deep insight in their customer base, their behavior and can create a platform to interact with them.

Mojo’s devices can be used as a security overlay on an existing WLAN or as a complete WLAN system with all its benefits without the extra costs.

Intelligent Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

With Mojo you can manage your Wi-Fi from the Cloud. The AP's know where they belong and automatically take the appropriate configuration. So you only have to do the configuration once whether you have 1,2,3 or 100's of sites and you don't have to go to each site at every location separately. Additionally, the AP's can fully operate without connection to the Cloud. The Cloud is only for the initial configuration and monitoring.

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Wireless Security / Intrusion Prevention (WIPS)

Give hackers no chance! Mojo's patented technologies ensure that all wireless attacks, threats and devices can automatically be detected and classified. Due to this automatic classification Mojo is the only WLAN brand that is able to separate the real threats from the false and eliminate the real threats before they can do any damage to the network. All without any intervention from the busy IT staff.

Social Wi-Fi & Analytics

Social WiFi allows guests to log in to the Wi-Fi with their known social media networks and it offers the company a platform to interact with their customers. It's a win-win situation for both customers as the company:

  • Free and easy to log in to the Wi-Fi for customers
  • All kinds of information and statistics about the customers for the company

Mojo further analyzes this data to a organized whole.

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