AeroScout is a global market leader in Enterprise Visibility solutions using standard Wi-Fi networks to track and manage the location, condition and status of mobile assets and people.

They invented the first Wi-Fi-based active RFID tags, and they are today widely recognized as a market leading Wi-Fi Real-Time Location System (RTLS) provider.

Experience that makes the difference

Aeroscout has now been incorporated into the Stanley Healthcare group, who are since the year 1912 active in Europe and were founded in 1843. Their experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry is hard to match!

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Accurate localization

AeroScout utilizes a Location Engine to determine the position of both Wi-Fi tags as all possible Wi-Fi clients. No additional software is required on the Wi-Fi devices to track them.

The Wi-Fi network is used for the localization itself. Depending on how your network is built, it will have a certain accuracy. Typically this is about 4 to 5 meters but more accurate measurement is possible!


The visualization of data occurs in MobileView. This is a simple interface that is focused on the user. The login of the user is also linked to the permissions of the user within the organization, the language of the user and all the favorites of the user. That way everything is immediately within his or her reach.

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Much more than just localization

Although these solutions are quickly labeled as 'track and trace', they offer much, much more. The AeroScout solution also offers you the opportunity to, for example:

Protection of Employees: Attacks on nurses is one of the biggest problems. A personal alarm button can prevent incidents very quickly.

Temperature Monitoring: Extremely important for healthcare organizations is to make sure that the temperature in the refrigerators and fridges is correct and that they are notified immediately when it is no longer the case.

Humidity measurement: Temperature and humidity measurement is integrated in the same tag. It can therefore easily be used to measure and to regulate the room conditions.

Par level: In hospitals they want to have sufficient oxygen bottles on every floor but at the same time not too many in case of fire. This alarm warns you in both directions.

Run away Detection: Detect without error when a patient leaves his department without being in the company of a doctor, nurse or family member.

Minimum stock: When the number of wheelchairs or beds drops below a certain number, there must be someone warned to bring it in.

Maintenance: By adjusting the status of an asset, people can see that they should not use this device because this device is due for maintenance. This prevents severe damage and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, the maintenance staff in this way also knows where to look...

Turnaround: How long does it take for something or someone to go through a certain process? Is there room for optimization?

Lone Worker Safety: People that should work alone but really should not be alone.

Man down detection: Detection if a person falls down so that someone can intervene immediately.

Hand Hygiene: Integration with hand soap dispensers in order to ascertain whether everyone has cleaned his hands before or after the designated contact moments.

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