Ventev Terrawave

Terrawave® is the best known brand of Ventev, one of the largest suppliers of antennas, housings, cabling and accessories for Wireless LAN and cellular routers.

The strength of a wireless solution lies in the antennas. Use the appropriate antenna for the right application, and you're already halfway towards success!

In addition to high-performance indoor and outdoor omnidirectional and patch antennas, Terra Wave also has special high density antennas and very small antennas.


Another strong point are the housings and mounting options that allow you to set your access point in any environment in any way.

  • Do you need a flexible antenna so that a forklift does not destroy it immediately?
  • Do you want to put your AP outside in a heated enclosure but is there only PoE available?
  • Do you want to put a standard AP outside with standard antennas or just prefer external antennas?
  • Should the AP be placed against the wall but does it only have an integrated antenna which makes only ceiling mounting possible?
  • Aesthetics is the most important and you're looking for a mini or micro antenna?

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