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ZyXEL is one of the world's biggest suppliers of network products in the world for over 20 years. Thanks to their continuous innovation they are the preferred supplier to some of the largest Internet and network service providers and they give shape to the networks of more than 400,000 small and medium businesses. They have solutions for every part of your network: firewalls, gateways, routers, switches and / or wireless access points. Customers can also benefit from the strong and effective cooperation between the various network components of ZyXEL.

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Wireless LAN

ZyXEL offers reliable and affordable WLAN solutions. Discover some of the many benefits below:

  • AP's work both standalone and controller
  • "Pay-as-you-grow" principle
  • Smart Antenna technology provides the best performance anywhere
  • Load balancing and client steering
  • Dynamic channel selection
  • Auto Healing of the network during a failure of an access point
  • ZyMESH: easy Mesh expansion
  • ...


ZyXEL switches are highly regarded for all purposes. There is a whole range of low-end unmanaged switches to L3 managed switches. For everyone's needs and budget.

  • Unmanaged, managed or core switches
  • Layer 2 or 3, PoE, redundancy, IP routing, IPv6
  • 8, 24, 48 ports with RJ45 or fiber
  • Fast or gigabit ethernet, 10GB,...
  • Rackmounted or desktop

Unified Security Gateways

The ZyXEL USG series provides enterprises the most complete protection against advanced threats in a single device (Unified Threat Management). The USG is primarily the firewall and router that ensures the security of your network, but beside that, it also has a whole range of other possibilities:

  • Enhanced Firewall and Router
  • IPSec, SSL VPN
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP)
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam with Kasperksky, Trend Micro,…
  • Multi-WAN load balancing & failover
  • Application control & content filtering
  • Integrated WLAN controller


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ZyWALL: VPN Firewall

The newest series ZyWALL VPN Firewall are designed with multi-core CPUs and the newest hardware to deliver the best firewall and VPN speeds.

  • Firewall & router
  • Up to 6 Gbps firewall and 800 Mbps VPN throughput
  • Ideal for multi-site companies
  • Integrated WLAN controller

Access Gateways

The Access Gateways of ZyXEL form an all-in-one hotspot / access solution that meet the highest demands for a guest network. ZyXEL offers both gateways for small businesses and larger locations where multiple access points are needed. In addition to account management, billing, and data retention, this series offers numerous possibilities:

  • Static routing
  • Integrated WLAN controller up to 8, 16 or 32 AP's
  • Up to 800 simultaneous users
  • (Dual) WAN load balancing & failover
  • Bandwidth management
  • Printer & SMS ticketing for guests
  • Remote management through VPN tunnel
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