People are always on the road. This makes it very difficult to get in contact with them in time, especially when it is not clear if the contact is available and connected (pagers, PA-Systems, Walkie-Talkies …). We offer a solution that guarantees the right person is contacted on the right time providing them with the right information.

The first challenge is that our world became borderless: Tele-working, flexible hours, employees on the go, multi-sites, nurses covering an entire floor…

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Secondly we asked ourselves how we could connect with these 'mobile road warriors' at anytime and anywhere. How will alarm signals (fire, nurse call, doorbell, burglar detector, server down alarm, Wi-Fi down alarm, IoT escalation …) immediately be communicated to the available employees, without interrupting “passive” employees?

Multicap is working with LynX Communication to give you an answer on communication and alarmservers. Click on the following picture to get more information about the many solutions Multicap and LynX can offer you: