Hotel Jansen Mojo Network 2 3

Magic in the air for 166 students & 500 GB traffic a day

Imagine the magic…. 166 students, all with their own multitude of devices and with their own special needs. Most of all, they all have the need for speed and bandwidth… and all at the same time!
This was the request of Hotel Jansen, a brand new student hotel in Amsterdam with 166 rooms divided over 6 floors.
Together with IT specialist Cloud Connect they have chosen for Mojo Networks for integrating a reliable, manageable, social friendly and fully secured Wi-Fi solution for the students. They have achieved this with 30 dual radio AP’s. Today, 166 students generate already 500GB traffic a day.

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Devoxx Java 2

Devoxx: "Had the best Wi-Fi since ever!"

Up to 3.161 simultaneous and enthusiastic WiFi users!
Again an amazing achievement of Zappass - Fortinet and Multicap.
3.500 visitors from 42 countries connected 5.200 WiFi appliances to the network. In peak hours this meant 3.161 simultaneous users and 700Mbps throughput.

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Multicap signs agreement with ZyXEL for distribution

Peter Bos, Head of Channel at ZyXEL Benelux: "The wireless network expertise of Multicap fits perfectly with the ZyXEL. "We are very pleased that we can work together as a distributor in the Benelux as an expert party." Bos continues: "Together with Multicap we want our reseller portfolio in the SME or SME market, as they say in Flanders, broaden and deepen. '

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