Thanks to our many years of experience in wireless solutions, we have developed into the ideal partner for projects with track & trace. We go a bit further than the extra mile and do not just offer common “track & trace” solutions. Under our own name of Wireless Human & Asset Management (WHAM), we implement customised projects for remote monitoring objects and people.

Applications of Wireless Human & Asset Management are possible in all types of sectors. These applications allow people, machines, objects and vehicles to be monitored in space, both inside and outside buildings. 
We have already implemented projects in hospitals and nursing homes, for fire brigades and police forces, for lessors of heavy machinery, transport companies, service companies, etc. The right combination of technologies is always deployed.   

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The central platform visualises incoming data. Escalation software sounds the alarm if specific parameters are exceeded.

Network Operations Center


The required parameters (position, distance, speed, working hours, pressure, weight, etc.) of the object to be monitored (person, machine, vehicle, object, etc.) are monitored continuously. Through wireless data communication, for example, a mobile network or Wi-Fi, the data is forwarded to a central platform.

Data center


The incoming data stream is integrated and processed in existing systems such as home automation, ERP, financial software, etc.

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Wireless sending

Parameters set in advance can be adjusted remotely. Contacts can be switched on or off remotely.

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Always custom made!

Every WHAM project is a customisation based on your requirements and ideas. We will deploy the correct technologies in a focused manner and their configuration will be custom made based on your situation.

Do you require a specific Track & Trace application?

We implement Track & Trace applications in innumerable sectors. Every project is custom made.

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