Alcoma has been active since 1993 as a producer of compact, easy to deploy and low cost Point-to-Point wireless links. In their research and experience over the years, they have developed different techniques which enable them to manufacture very high throughput links in all weather circumstances. Their Point-to-Point links can operate in both licensed and unlicensed frequencies (5, 17 and 24GHz) from 4 – 80 GHz with a transmission capacity of up to 1.6 Gbps full duplex.

Designed and Made in Europe

Alcoma designs and manufactures everything in-house. So you benefit from European quality at every level! This quality is at the level of design, development and production also ISO9001: 2009 certified.

Tuv Sud Iso9001
Alcoma All Outdoor

All outdoor or IDU / ODU links

Alcoma offers a range of all-outdoor links as well as the classic IDO ODU story. With an all-outdoor link, the complete link is placed outside and there is only a power injector placed inside the building. This power injector can be simultaneously protected by a built-in surge arrestor.

ALxxF MP400

The MP400 is the flagship of the all-outdoor family. More than eight years of development has been bundled in this device which results in a capacity of 900Mbps full duplex, hitless ACM and 1024QAM modulation.

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