Devoxx is the largest conference for Java developers in Europe with 3500 participants from more than 40 countries who all want Wi-Fi access.

High density

This conference is for 5 days and takes place in the rooms of Metropolis in Antwerp. The challenge is to offer all these people and their diversity in devices wireless network access at the same time in the different rooms where there are 700 people per room on average.

The organisation regards Wi-Fi Internet access as a primary right of the visitor and has, therefore, tried different systems in their constant search for a suitable solution, but has not had much luck. 

Devoxx View Of The Room
Devoxx Zicht Op Toestellen In De Zaal

High capacity

Stephan Janssen, founder of Devoxx and BeJUG, summarises this as follows: “Wi-Fi access has become something we cannot do without during the past few years. However, finding a reliable wireless solution has been more difficult than we could ever imagine.”

The users are demanding IT people who do not just want to be reachable in their professional capacity through e-mail and Skype, but who also download files, watch YouTube sessions or speakers and are also involved in video streaming during breaks. Both the capacity of the network and the Internet connection, therefore, had to be aligned with this.

Which products did Multicap use?

To implement the required wireless capacity, the Meru Networks solution with channel layering was selected, which means that access points can be stacked for a net addition of capacity and simultaneous client connections.

Stephan adds: “Our participants have never been this enthusiastic about the wireless network! It works perfectly! There is nothing left to say but "Thank you" Multicap for this wireless design!”

Multicap has been supporting this event since 2010 with the same equipment. Below we specify the evolution of user numbers. “Unique stations” represent the number of unique media access control (MAC) addresses that were detected while “Max. simultaneous stations” represent the number of simultaneously active clients. You can see that indeed high-density Wi-Fi is involved!

Total Overview 2012 2016 2
* Due to a change in management software, the simultaneous users are counted over a different time period hence the change in numbers compared to the previous years
2010 2016 Simultaneous Users 2
2010 2016 Unique Stations 2

Who is the customer?

  • Customer name: Devoxx
  • Activities: organise Java conferences
  • Country: Belgium

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