The idea of the project was to let thousands of people upload a Selvie (a video-based selfie) at the same time over the wireless network during a concert.

SELVIE: Scalable, Efficient, and Low-delay Video Interaction during Events.

The purpose of the project was to stream selfmade smartphone videos ( so called SELVIEs: video-based selfies) of concert visitors in real-time to the big sreens of the concert. In this way, the visitor could be interactive with the concert.

Multicap was asked to participate in this government (IWT) funded project because of our experience and knowledge in high density wireless networks. The project was a success and went live in the presence of thousands of people during a concert of K3 in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp.

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Which products did Multicap use?

To implement the required wireless capacity, we chose to use Fortinet (Meru) Wi-Fi. The switching capacity and firewall came from ZyXEL.

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