Meru Networks has an important expansion of its 802.11ac portfolio announced with two new dual-radio, dual-stream (2x2) access points, including the first 802.11ac wall plate AP, the AP122 and a new AP for general use, the AP822.

Meru AP832

These new APs can make full use of the 80 MHz channels specified in the 802.11ac standard and can achieve higher data rates that way up to 867 Mbps per radio, while other 3x3 competitive solutions are typically limited to 600 Mbps. In addition, customer feedback showed that a 40% increase in performance is possible with 802.11n devices by the benefits in hardware design of 802.11ac. So even if your company only has 802.11n devices, transition to 802.11ac Meru's APs can mean a significant improvement in network performance.

With these new products, the benefits of Gigabit Wi-Fi are available for a wider market and a lower price, what the transition to 802.11ac easier. The AP822 is available immediately and the AP122 will be available in the second half of 2014.