Last year Multicap celebrated its 20th anniversary. Looking back at this period, it’s safe to say that we have to thank our partners like you, in Belgium and the Netherlands. Because of this great collaboration Multicap has grown into an international reference as a value added distributor of wireless communications. 

We wish to thank you as loyal partner and want to inform you how the further expansion of our activities in the coming years, primarily also will benefit, a new direction that ensures the continuity of your long-term relationship with Multicap.

Multicap creator Jan Van Herbruggen decided at age 65 that it was time to pass the torch. The vision and goal of the new executive committee had to be in line with the spirit of Multicap as a distributor. Multicap 2.0 will henceforth be guided and inspired by two well known characters within Multicap: Glenn De Haes (Director & CTO) and Luc Thierens (Director & CEO). We wish Jan all the best and thank him for the efforts he has made for Multicap.

With pride we also announce Multicap 2.0, which in addition to preserving the existing values and norms, will bring a new dynamic.

We guarantee continuity in mission and vision: think wireless & Multicap think as a distributor. We want to give Multicap a new impulse and simultaneously extend our exceptional reputation in the industry. We will also ensure that the autonomy of Multicap is maintained. A clear objective is the preservation and further development of the exceptional customer satisfaction.

An important point as a distributor is to further develop and strengthen our product lines:

  • Networking & Security
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Communication & Alarming
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Professional services

Our focus in the Benelux remains the exclusive control of integrators, where end customers can get direct touch via advice or training. We have every confidence in the future and look forward to working with you the successes we achieve together, and without prejudice will continue.

Please do not hesitate to get to know the new 2.0 Multicap and its representatives personally for a detailed explanation of the new direction and the new gains which you can enjoy as an existing partner.

Together we continue to build a wireless future!
Glenn De Haes & Luc Thierens

Ceo Cto Multicap