The psychiatric hospital Beau Vallon does not consist of one large building, but of no fewer than 17 different buildings that vary from small castles, a church with monastery and new build projects. These buildings are spread out in a park that measures approximately 150 hectares.

Voice-over-WiFi better than DECT

Both the buildings and the park required full coverage from the basement to the attic and up to behind every tree. After all, staff members must be reachable everywhere and they must also be able to send an alarm reliably from every possible location.

The existing DECT installation did not make provisions for this scenario and, therefore, the Wi-Fi installation had to be better than the DECT one, which, naturally, is a very high expectation. Good engineered voWiFi is capable of this and exceeds all expectations.

Beau Vallon
Beau Vallon

High criticality

The objective of the network is to make telephony and sounding the alarm possible from every angle. In addition, they switched to wireless thin clients with regard to which, naturally, the real-time connection is crucial.

To optimise the care process further, they decided to work with an Electronic Health Record (HER) to ensure that nurses and doctors always have the correct information. Residents, visitors and suppliers also use the network because nobody can do without the network in these times of always being connected.  

Which products did Multicap use?

We performed an extensive simulation and verification on site of this design as well as a verification survey using the Ekahau Site Survey tool.

We decided to use the Meru Networks solution to be able to provide the requested quality and reliability of Voice-over-WiFi telephony in a mix of voice, standard data and real-time data.

A cluster of centrally installed redundant controllers manages about 800 access points. The monitoring and central configuration of this system take place through the Meru Network Manager. The guest access is provided through a Handlink ISS appliance.

Who is the customer?

  • Company name: L'Hôpital Psychiatrique du Beau Vallon (UCL Saint-Luc)
  • Activities: Psychiatric hospital
  • Country: Belgium

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